Fort Smith School District Student Insurance Information

The purpose of this website is to inform parents about a student accident insurance policy purchased by the Fort Smith Public School District. 

The Fort Smith School District objective is to ensure the academic and personal success for each student—Today and in the Future. Careful attention to safety is among the primary ways that the schools can continue to provide the highest quality programs of education and recreational opportunities for each of our students. However, accidental injuries still can and do occur during school sports, classes or other school activities.


Arkansas school districts are not required by law to provide accident insurance coverage for students. Parents are financially responsible for providing medical insurance or paying for their children's medical costs. However, as a public service, the Fort Smith School District purchases a student accident insurance policy that may help families pay for some of the medical expenses incurred by students due to school related accidents. The policy has limited benefits and does not guarantee that all medical expenses resulting from school accidents will be paid in full by the limited school accident insurance policy. 


The school district cannot accept liability for payment of a student's medical expenses that are not covered by parent's personal insurance or the school insurance policy.  Parents are ultimately responsible for paying their child's medical bills.


This website provides a summary of the school accident insurance policy benefits, terms, limitations and exclusions. To view the policy summary CLICK HERE



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