How to File a Student Accident Claim


If your son or daughter has an accident during a Fort Smith school class or school activity that requires medical treatment by a doctor, please obtain a claim form from the school principal's office where your son or daughter attends school. Part of the claim form will need to be filled out and signed by the school. The claim form will then be given to you for completion and for you to send to Lawrence E. Smith & Associates, Inc.'s claim office. Please follow the instructions printed on the claim form. You will need to attach copies of all itemized medical bills to the claim form and mail to the address printed at the top of claim form.  If you have other family insurance, you must first submit  all medical bills to your family insurance plan before being eligible to receive benefits from the school accident insurance policy.  The school policy will only consider payment of bills that are not paid or payable from other insurance sources.

Mail the completed claim form along with copies of all medical bills and a copy of the 
explanation of benefits received from your personal family insurance indicating what they will pay to Lawrence E. Smith & Associates, Inc.  The claim form must be submitted  no later than 90 days after the date of accident to be eligible to receive school insurance policy benefits.

CLAIMS CANNOT BE SUBMITTED ON-LINE because a school signature and copies of original medical bills are needed to process your claim. You only need to submit ONE completed claim form for each accident. You do not have to send another claim form if you are submitting additional bills that come in later.  To submit additional bills, simply note on the bills the student's name and school district and forward to the Lawrence E. Smith and Associates, Inc. claims office.


Contact the plan administrator: Lawrence E. Smith & Associates, Inc. [Phone 800-325-1350 or Fax 636-532-1737] if you need answers to claim or coverage issues. The school does not keep records regarding claims. All claims are processed by the Lawrence E. Smith & Associates, Inc. claim office.


FILING A CLAIM DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE REIMBURSED FOR YOUR CHILD'S MEDICAL EXPENSES. THE SCHOOL POLICY HAS LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS THAT MAY APPLY TO YOUR CHILD'S CLAIM.  We encourage all parents to read the sections in this website summarizing the policy benefits, terms, limitations and exclusions.

IMPORTANT: When contacting the claim office about a claim, please state the full name of your injured son or daughter and the name of the SCHOOL DISTRICT where he or she attends school. We need the school name to reference the claim information for you. Generally, valid claims are processed within 7 working days after receipt of completed claim form, itemized bills, and evidence of what medical bills were paid or not paid by your primary insurance plan.

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